We will be updating these pages to give our visitors an idea of just some of the projects that we have done or are available.  You will see more specific samples on the individual page sections.  As always, we welcome your feedback and comments.


Embroidery is where it all began for us and it's the staple of our business.  All other areas and options grew from satisfied embroidery customers asking for additional products and services.  As we continue to grow and change, products may be added or phased out, but embroidery will always be part of the mix.


We can, and have, provided both contract and retail services on garments, hats, flags, bags, outterwear, covers, shoes, and others.  If we can get it hooped and on the machine, we will embroider it!  Check out more of our samples on our embroidery photos page!

Custom Applications

Custom applications are not as common for us, but they generally are the most fun and allow us to be creative.  While most work in this area is for individual customers, we have also completed custom application items for organizations and groups.  This is our catch-all category for all the services that are offered, but may not be common enough to have it's own category.  Many of the items you find in this category are available for purchase in our Etsy shop.  You can see more photos in the Custom Application Photos page or check out the Etsy shop at .


If you are looking for something specific that you don't see anywhere on our site, send us a message from our contact page.  We would love to see what we can custom create for you!